Crisis of Images

Please pay attention that the time of the event is 17.00-18.30 


Crisis of Images

The figure of refugee is formed by visual representations in the form of abundant images in the press, on TV, in documentaries, cinema, and even in coffee-table books. In some images we see defaced people packed on boats, in others we see de-named faces of suffering men and women. The visual representation visiblizes and invisiblizes them at the same time. What do these images tell us about our fantasies/imagination, the present economy of psychosocial and political (in)visibility? And about the politics of fear shadowing the current European refugee regime of subtle but effective dehumanization? What are the ethical implications? And how the refugee can disrupt this regime of representation and stop being seen as “problem people”? These questions and other related questions will be discussed by scholars, artists, and filmmakers.

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Design Anthropology of Borders – Masters and PhD Course

While borders of different kinds seem to be everywhere, yet some borders are more visible than others due to their design; some perform heavier than others due to their distinctive material qualities; some are more lethal than others because of the way they perform; some borders operate not only to repress but to produce different sorts of subject, wealth and capital and they do so due to their specific design and materiality. Continue reading Design Anthropology of Borders – Masters and PhD Course

After Deportation – Book Launch at Marabouparken

Shahram Khosravi presenterar sin nya bok After Deportation: Ethnographic Perspectives, som handlar om vad som händer med migranter och människor som nekats asyl efter att de deporterats. Vilka blir konsekvenserna av den påtvingade utvisningen? Vilka faror och utmaningar ställs de inför efter att de utvisats? Och vilka är deras möjligheter att skapa ett nytt liv på de platser de har skickats till? Continue reading After Deportation – Book Launch at Marabouparken